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First we eat

Designing for men was always a big challenge for me. Well lets face it, the color range gets limited to what? 3 colors? (and also huge restriction regarding pink...)

I wanted to make something to a friend of mine. I wanted it to be noticeable, easily removable and funny. The 'noticeable and removable' part led me to think of taking a big piece of fabric, adding some magnets behind it and apply it on the fridge. The 'funny' part had to do something with writing on it. So I found the 'first we eat , then we do everything else' genius quote (I wish I would come up with it by myself, but someone already did before :), and luckily shared it on pinterest).

Drawing it all by hand (instead of using stencils) was not one of my best decisions...took so much time. But I must say it added some uniqueness to the peace. And most important, my friend liked it. A lot.

Here is how it turned out:

Removable - as promised:

A little about the making process:
I used jeans fabric, magnets, and neon yellow acrylic paint.
First I printed all the letters on regular paper. Then copied it on a copy paper and then tried to copy it on the fabric. This step was not easy as the fabric is very dark, and you can hardly see the pen/pencil on it. I guess  there is some more elegant solution for this but I just didn't have anything else in mind. And finally the last step - applying the color (the step that took forever!). If you decide to use any other fabric, keep in mind that you might need to sew the contour edges to prevent threads pop out.


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