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About two years ago I rented a small apartment in Tel Aviv - the cool city that never sleeps, has no parking space, and is full of tiny tiny apartments.

I really wanted my place to feel warm cozy and well designed. The problem of course is that you can't really follow your heart and design it as you wish. So I was looking for some intermediate solution - not too expensive, friendly to the angry apartment owner, and at the same time stylish.
It was then when I discovered the sticky wallpaper - the one that has one side with glue on it.

The reason I fell in love with it is that it is perfectly removable without damaging the surface, really easy to apply, and magically upgrades you space (oh... and cheap!).

So, the first wallpaper work I would like to share is my closet makeover. I don't have the "before" picture, but trust me it was one ugly old formica closet. I wanted to cover it all, so I bought 3 meters of blue wallpaper with gold print on it, and some black and white wallpaper for decoration.

Here is the final result:

The making process was quite easy as you don't have to glue it by yourself - you only remove the paper layer and remain with the sticky side ready to be applied. In addition I painted the old knobs
with black acrylic paint (can't live without my acrylic paints, but that's for another post).


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