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So, I sat all day and drew this to a friend of mine.

Hope she'll like it.

A bit on the making process:
One stroke painting technique (see my other post for more details

 Well...just drew it.

Vnitage Frame:
This one has a story.
First I painted kind of big bold frame. The moment it was finished I hated it so much!

Then came the big regret...why the heck did I need to do it??
And then...I remembered that acrylic paint can be washed. I took some wet wipes and started to gently scrub the part I didn't like.

I was determent to remove it completely, but then in the middle of the process I saw that if I remove only a part of it, it turns out quite cool - I get kind of "pixelized" texture (because the canvas itself has a texture)

I liked how it turned out, so I decided to do this for the entire frame.

So I learned two things out of this experiment. First, you can always correct your acrylic painting (eg. with wet wipes), second you can create artificial vintage/pixelized texture by removing paint partially.


It's not old, it's vintage

As a child I truly hated flea markets. Really. couldn't get the idea why would anyone want to buy some other's people junk. Then I grew up, and understood: this is a vintage heaven!
Here is some of the stuff I got myself:

Got this at Flohmarkt am Mauerpark in Berlin. This is one of the coolest places to hang out on Sunday. The market is full of good stuff, good food, and also some amateur musicians which perform near by.
Now, vinyl, I must say, Pinerest is full of cool stuff you can do with an old vinyl, and I'm sure going to try some in future. But for now I've just chosen the super easy way, all you need is one little nail and a hammer. Just hang it using the little hole in the middle.

Nice idea, they cut the bottle and turn it into a cool candle holder:

there is a slot to place the candle:

And then just hang it:


I'm not quite sure what is the original purpose of this pillow, it looks like those pillows that you put on the chair, only a huge one. But as I saw it, the first ting I thought of is my little fluff.

Well, took him exactly five minutes to decide that this must be a present for him (same exact thing happened with the new sofa, and the new chair, and the new blanket... :))

OK, I got this for like two dollars. Yes, this is not some sophisticated piece of art, but there is something very relaxing in it's simplicity, it makes you feel cozy. With the right arrangement, it can add some chick to the place. I've put it in my bedroom. 

This one is just cute. no comments. Just cute.

Enjoy your flea market shopping!