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So, I sat all day and drew this to a friend of mine.

Hope she'll like it.

A bit on the making process:
One stroke painting technique (see my other post for more details

 Well...just drew it.

Vnitage Frame:
This one has a story.
First I painted kind of big bold frame. The moment it was finished I hated it so much!

Then came the big regret...why the heck did I need to do it??
And then...I remembered that acrylic paint can be washed. I took some wet wipes and started to gently scrub the part I didn't like.

I was determent to remove it completely, but then in the middle of the process I saw that if I remove only a part of it, it turns out quite cool - I get kind of "pixelized" texture (because the canvas itself has a texture)

I liked how it turned out, so I decided to do this for the entire frame.

So I learned two things out of this experiment. First, you can always correct your acrylic painting (eg. with wet wipes), second you can create artificial vintage/pixelized texture by removing paint partially.


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