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About Me
Welcome to my blog!
So here is a little about me:
I’m not a professional designer/painter/home stylist/you name it...actually far away from that - I’m an engineer. But I always had this passion for designing and making stuff.

So what I do (on weekends, after work, nights :-)) is, repainting and redesigning things, so that they will look stylish contemporary and unique. I also make lots of things from scratch.

The idea to open this blog came after I rented a small apartment in Tel Aviv, and as we know... rented place means, sometimes thinking twice even before hanging a new picture on the wall, but I discovered there are many ways to spice up the place even if it's is not yours (and of course since it is DIY… low budget :-)).

I post here my work, and some ideas for decorating. Feel free to contact me for questions.


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