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Fabric canvas

Putting fabric on top of plain canvas is a quite common decoration trick, and there's a good reason for that - easier than actually painting, and can make a big difference to the room.

I made one with two layers: the smaller canvas with the floral pattern fabric, and behind, there is a bigger one with plain gray fabric.

Usually I'm quite ok with estimating how much time and effort it will take to complete a project, but with this one, I have to say I really missed it. I'm sorry for not having the 'in process' images, I made it long before the decision to open a blog, but here are the detailed steps:

1.  Buy two canvases which are different sizes but same ratio dimensions (width and height).
2.  Choose fabrics for the two layers (buy it in a size that will allow fixing mistakes later)
3.  Iron the fabric if needed (This one took me a while :( )
4.  Wrapping the canvases with the fabric: I used a staple gun to stabilize the fabric (on the hidden canvas side). The canvases I used are quite big, so it wasn't that easy to make sure the fabric is stretched evenly.
5. The hardest part: as there are two layers, I had to attach them, and make sure the small one sits exactly in the middle of the bigger one.

Enjoy making yours!


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