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I've been waiting for this 'first post' time for quite long (yep, turns out, designing a blog is a tough cookie..), and here we are, the blog design is ready, and now there's this 'exiting' moment of staring at the screen not really knowing what to write. Well...I guess I'm lucky to have some images to post - they speak better :).

A bit more seriously, I really love designing, working with different materials and creating new things (and of course the fun part - showing off!). I do it ever since I remember myself, only now I decided to put it in some kind of 'notebook'. Hopefully this notebook will become an inspiring collection of design ideas, tips and tricks. As usually I design and create from scratch, the materials I use are simple and not expensive. In my posts I'll try to tell about the making process, and also how I got the design idea.

So let's get started! I hope you'll enjoy.

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