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Craft Fair (and I'm not the buyer this time)

I was always curious about people's response to my pieces and designs. For me the most exciting moment is the one when I just complete a project, and it is ready to show off! So far what I did was showing it to friends and making them say nice things about it. (just kidding...they said nice things because of their own free will!).

Some time ago I had a thought about presenting my work to an audience of people which don't know me. So I came up with an idea to take part in a craft fare.
Now, this is a totally different experience. When publishing on social media you get to see only the likes, but you never see the reaction itself. When actually standing there behind all your goodies, you can see what people really think of it.

The most interesting part is to watch people's reaction during that very short period while they "scan" the piece with their eyes. This is the moment you unconsciously hold you breath and observe.
I must admit you feel much more exposed, but there is something very cool about it.

So the fair took place in a very small hangar, with very simple old fashioned design. It didn't get any major publicity, and so was not crowded at all - nothing fancy. But since it was my very first experience I was excited as a little kid. After all it took me a month of sleepless (but fun) nights of preparation (along with my full time job).

This is how my table looked like:

I had some little canvases, few big fridge magnets and an old record. All hand painted. The background is a simple bristol which I painted with chalk to create a chalkboard look.

I wanted people to somehow remember my slowly emerging brand, and so I had to make some "business" card. I wanted people to really notice and take them, so here they are - because no human can refuse a candy right?

The pieces are painted with acrylics, here is some better view:

Some magnets:

This is just me trying to take a selfie with my booth. How could I not?

And before I end - this is my big mess in my small apartment during the preparation. The cat helped a lot  ;-)

So to sum it up, it was a nice experience, will definitely do it again sometime.